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    How to display up to date previous year sales data

    Josh Williams

      Hi guys, I have daily sales information from January 1st 2017 last year and until the most current August 13th 2018 (gets updated everyday). I want to make a comparative chart that displays sales data from same month last year vs current year (see below).


      However, the current comparison chart is not indicative as it compares on a monthly basis when the current data is only up until Aug 13 (not the whole month). So what ends up happening is, it shows the full August 2017 sales data while it only shows current august data only up until Aug 13th, 2018.


      I want to be able to compare the up to date sales for Aug 13th 2017 (total sales from aug 1-13th 2017) vs Aug 13th 2018 sales (total sales from aug 1-13th 2018). Thank you