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    Excel extract that will not update

    James Mapleston

      I have an external data source hat is an excel data sheet but it will not update as the schedule suggests, the email I receive suggests the following, the data is the correct name and the correct place, any ideas?


      The scheduled
        extract refresh for the data source named below was not completed


        See the information below, and select View affected data source to
        take suggested actions. You can run a manual refresh to confirm that your
        changes resolve the issue.


        This is failure 2. After 5 consecutive failures, refreshes are suspended
        until you take an action to resolve the issue.


      Affected data source

      Call data 2 (Excell)

      Error message

      Unknown Failure

      Time of failed refresh

      2018-08-13 15:28:18 UTC+01:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)

      Last successful refresh

      2018-08-13 15:23:03 UTC+01:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)

      Suggested action

      If the information on the Data Connection page is up-to-date,
        try republishing the workbook or data source.