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    Showing last value for some measure and summing others


      Hello,  I have two fields that I am trying to graph on a yearly chart. The two fields are Revenue and Return, both presented on a semi-annual basis in my data source. I'd like to chart  this yearly such that the Revenue is summed up for the year, but to only show the last Q3 value for Return. I've looked at some other entries, and saw LAST() suggested, but not sure how to use this for my data as setting this to a true filter just shows me 2048 data. Here is an example of the data:

          Date                             Revenue        Return


      I'd like the chart to show:


      2019: Revenue: 10,186,884 (5,752,573+4.434.341), Return: 3.08%
      2020: Revenue: 4,341,372 (2,273,033+2,068,339), Return: 2.85


      I've attached a copy of my workbook.  Any help or pointers to get me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!