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    Hierarchy values are not correct if having null values

    Abhishek Chaube


      Can someone please help me out?


      I'm facing one issue where I have multiple KPIs to calculate for hierarchy.


      Now the problem is when I try to click on + for drill up the values are not shown correctly.




      For e.g. in below table Deal ID and Article ID is in hierarchy.

      Please note:  The calculated filed for B and C is like:

      Also, you can see N/A because Walk away price is negative as per above calculated field and I set up the number format for measure like

      For e.g. Column C Article id: 50112130 it is N/A


      Now when I try to click on + to get drill up values for X,B,C and D.


      I assume it should be average now and for X: should be 37.39, 38.09, 52.43 = 42.63

      like wise for B should be 0% as the remaining two rows are N/A

      C should be 26.4%

      D should be 26.4%



      Can someone please help me out?