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    Averages in LoD Calculations

    Andrew Hills

      Hi y'all,


      I'm guessing I'm missing something blindingly obvious here, but I've been pulling apart and recombining several LoD Calcs to try and do what should be a very simple calculation.


      I have the following data split by Month and year (Or technically Relative Months & Years).


      Column 3 is a Fixed LoD calc showing the Sum for the months at Month/Year Level.   It works.

      Column 4 is a Fixed LoD calc showing the Average across the entire year.   That is incorrect; it should be 4433.


      What is happening is it is including the number of records in the calculation (because of other fields I have not brought into the equations). So the actually calculation it is performing is:


      instead of



      I'm sure there is an obvious solution here that I'm missing because I can't believe it's this hard to find an average of sums at different LoDs without the values being thrown out because of ignored fields. What am I missing?!?!