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    Divide if

    Alessandro Passera

      Hi everyone,


      I have a table containing a column for every week of the year, and a row for each country.


      The table displays the sum of orders in the currency of the country per week.


      The problem is: all of the countries in the table use Euro exception for USA. I would like to divide the sum of USA Orders by 1.14 in order to get the corresponding value in euros.


      Is there any possibility to do so?


      Thank you in advance!





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          Naveen B

          Hi Alessandro,


          If country="US"







          this will do,


          hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct or helpful so that it will help others




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            meenu choudhary

            HI Alessandro,


            You can try below logic:


            if ([Country])='USA' then [Sales] / (1.14) else [Sales] END

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              Alessandro Passera



              I created a Calculated Field with the logic displayed above adapted for the SUM of all the currency.


              The problem now is that, when I plot the result in an horizontal bar, it doesn't actually divide the currency by 1.14. At the same time, if I point the mouse on the bar, it actually shows the name of the Calculated Field with the correct divided amout.


              My question is:

              How can I ensure that the value represented by the bar is also divided by 1.14?


              The Calculated Field that I created is:


              SUM(IF [country] = 'USA' THEN [Currency] END)/1.14


              Thanks in advance!