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    Use of a filter based on months throught years

    Fabien Epiney

      Hello everybody,


      I'm a user of tableau software since 2 years now and i'm facing a problem:


      I've a database with lots of data since 2012 until now. The aim of my filter is to take all the dates until TODAY-45 days. To build this filter, I've used this calculated field:


      IF [Date] > (DATEADD('day',-45,TODAY())) THEN NULL

      ELSE [Date]



      Today minus 45 days is the begin of July, so I want to have the months which are over (January to Juny) and for all the years (from 2012 to 2018) for creating a filter for graphics.


      The aim of this calculated field is to make an data analysis of graphics that I can compare.


      Best regards and thank you.