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    Creating filters from question reponses

    Marcus Bancroft


      I am working on a report that uses a MySQL datasource, and using custom forms that I built in the database as the main data. I am trying to create filters from the form answers.

      e.g. if the question is 'site' then filter on those answers, and if the question is 'status' then filter on those answers.


      When I create these calculated fields, as soon as I use one of these fields, it immediately creates a null response in the 2nd field. I want to be able to filter on these form responses dependent on the question, but also show all data according to the filter, and also use a combination of both filters if needed to show only data that is included according to both filters.  This is outside my skill set unfortunately, and would really appreciate some assistance! I have attached a packaged workbook. Thank you.


      QuestionAnswerSite filterStatus Filter
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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Marcus


          drag answers into filter and Select only relevant values.


          Once Question selected then based on answer will show in answers filter.




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            Marcus Bancroft

            Hi Sankar,


            Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. You answer has helped with my overall challenge.


            But I also need to be able to provide filters using the calculated fields - i.e Site Question, and Status Question filters. The way I created those means that if I select from one filter it only shows those answers, instead of all records that for Organisations that have a particular Site answer. I want to be able to filter by answers to both filters (e.g. Brisbane and Active) and make these Quick filters available to end users on Dashboards. Please see screenshot below. Thanks

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              Okechukwu Ossai

              Hi Marcus,


              You can use a combination of parameters and filters to achieve this.


              Step 1: Create a parameter [Select Question]


              Step 2: Create calculated field [Question Filter]

              [Question] = [Select Question]

              Add this field to the filter shelf and set to 'True'.



              Step 3: Create your view.

              Right click on [Select Question], choose 'Show Parameter Control'

              Display only relevant values for the [Answer] filter.





              Hope this helps.


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