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    Groups and filters from a dimension

    Jenny McIntyre

      I don't use Tableau enough to work this out it seems ...... I'd like to dissect the vehicles into two further groups one Group to include vehicle numbers 352, 355, 357....... etc ( these are the vehicle number and the group to be called NFL) another group to be call TPF and includes 409 ,410, 414...... and then the existing group 'vehicles' which won't necessary be the two groups added together.  I'd like to use these as a filter so I can click on NFL to see the turn around times for these truck then click TPF and All vehicles.  I'd also like to use the Time as a filter split into 2 groups one as nightshift 4pm to 4 am and Day shift 4am to 4pm.  I've attached the workbook package.  Thanks in advance!