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    Static Images not appearing when published to Tableau Public

    Jennifer VonHagel

      Hi, I have a workbook that will be published to Tableau Public, then embedded from Tableau Public in a website.


      **Edited to add: I am using The licensed 2018.2 Desktop software.


      The first page of the dashboard when opened has some static images on it. These images are brought directly onto the dashboard as "Image" objects (as opposed to being part of a chart - like a custom shape or chart background image).  I have found both when opening it from Tableau Public and when opening it from an embedded iframe, that after the first several times it has been opened, the images on the first page do not always load. If the images are NOT on the first page, but on a page the user has to navigate to, then they do seem to always reliably load. It's just the first page of the dashboard that seems to have an issue. I have created a simple workbook to demonstrate the problem. This is a tiny workbook (smaller and simpler than my real workbook) and the images load more reliably than my bigger more complex workbook, but I did open this workbook a bunch of times until I found the images not loading.  So the issue is recreated even in this simple workbook.


      This is the workbook when the first page has images:



      This is the same workbook except that the images are on the second page:



      Files that embed these reports in simple iframe code are attached, along with the .twbx. What is interesting with the .html files is if I edit and save the file, the first time after being saved the images always load. It is only on the second (or twentieth) time you open the report that first page static images sometimes do not show up.


      Some things I've tried:

      1. Embed the dashboard using javascript rather than iframe, but the same issue occurred. Not surprising since this can also occur when opening the report up directly from Tableau Public (not embedded).

      2. I found an article in Tableau Help that if you publish something to Tableau Online you can set an option to include external files, but I am working with Tableau Public in this case and that option is not available. Unable To Display Images In Published View or Dashboard | Tableau Software


      For the images we are using, we get the best quality by bringing the image in as a dashboard object, so I really don't want to do a workaround of first putting it into a chart as a custom shape or background image.  For now we are getting around this by planning to create a simple first page with no static images that the user will have to click something to navigate to the "true" first page of the report.


      If anyone has any ideas, let me know.