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    Split records into hit/miss based on calculations

    Pavan Naik Nenavath

      I have a data set with Start Time, Completion Time and SLA Time (Cutoff time).


      •    If completion time > SLA time then it is MISS otherwise it will be HIT.
      •    If SLA time is 'No SLA' that means there is no deadline for completion time and always it will be HIT.
      •    If SLA time is 00:30 that means it is either same or next day of Start time depending on the record.
      •   There are some records where Start Time is after SLA Time that means it is always MISS. [Ex: For SLA Time: 15:00, 22:00 etc]


      Start Time and Completion Time are in Date Time Format. SLA time is in Time format indicating only the cutoff time like 00:30, 15:30, 16:30 etc.

      All the times are in same time zone IST.


      Can someone help in splitting the records into HIT/MISS based on calculations

      Attached the dataset.