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    Conditional Format Text for One Measure Only

    Sandy Kamel

      Hi All,

      I have seen numerous posts regarding conditional formatting, but I cannot seem to get this to work.  Any help would be sooo appreciated!


      Here is my table:


      I want to color the % Difference column Red when the value is negative and Green when the value is positive.

      I created a calculated field for "%DifferenceColor" that says:

      IF [% Difference] < 0 THEN "Down"

      ELSEIF [% Difference]> 0 THEN "Up"



      If I place this calculated field on the Color Mark, both of my measures are colored (Bookings and % Difference) (screenshot below).  Although colored correctly, I only want this applied to the % Difference Measure.  How do I make this happen?


      Thank you very much!!