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    Including images in columns of a text chart

    Yosef Zaverukha

      Hello all,


      So what I'm trying to do is, for example, say column1 is a category (cat, bird, cow) and column2 is a URL to a picture of each of those. Now I'm not sure if tableau can do this without an extension (or if there is one that can do something like that), but basically what I need is the categories in a column, and a image of those in the column next to them.


      Generally this would simply be done with shapes and manually applying the images that way, but I'm working with a dynamic data source so basically if a new URL is added to the data source then I would like it to be shown without having to manually select the image to the shape. Is this possible in tableau or with extensions?


      I attached a sample excel sheet that is really basic just as an example