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    Line Graph issues

    frank williamson

      Hi, I’m having difficulties putting creating a line graph. I have about 10 different pieces of data that I want to put into one graph, but I am having problems doing so. I have seen a piece on “Union”. (see screen shot below).


      However, when I try to add sheets, it simply replaces the sheet which is already there. So effectively there is only one sheet. Therefore, I am unable to do a union.

      Another way I tried to overcome this was by doing multiple connections (see screenshot below).


      The data can be shown; however, they are all on different graphs (see screenshot below). Is anyone able to help?!


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          Simon Runc

          hi Frank,


          Unioning the sheets will be the easiest way...I've attached a GIF showing how you can create a Union (it can be easy to accidently replace a sheet, and not union it).


          Once you have this, Tableau will create a fields called 'Table Name' and 'Sheet'. Just drop this on the colour shelf once you've created your line chart and you'll get a line per sheet (in a different colour)


          Hope that helps

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            frank williamson

            Hi, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I cannot see the GIF you said you attached? Im not sure if its a fault from my end or maybe you forgot to add it? Is it possible you can send it again please? Thanks for your help.

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              frank williamson

              Thanks for the quick response Simon. However I cannot see the GIF? Im not sure if its a fault from my end or if you forgot to send it?  Are you able to send it again? Thanks.

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                Simon Runc

                For some reason the Community has stopped letting us embed GIFs in the threads, so I attached it. You should find it just below my response



                Click on that, and it should download to your downloads folder, where you can play it in a browser.

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                  frank williamson

                  hi Simon. Im afraid that is not working either. Nothing downloads (or is able to download)- the only thing that happens is a pop up of your original message.  Is it possible if you can just explain how to add the sheets without them replacing each other via a normal message? I should be able to work it out from there. Thanks.

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                    frank williamson

                    Hi Simon. PLEASE DISREGARD PREVIOUS MESSAGE.   I have opened the link, thanks. However, the GIF shows how to put multiple sheets into the Union. I know how to do this. The issue is that I cannot add multiple sheets on the left hand side- where it says "Sheets"      (please see screen shot below).




                    So even before I attempt to adds sheets in Union, i cannot add multiple sheets because I only ever have one. Please tell me where I am going wrong-it is obviously something very simple I'm missing lol.

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                      Simon Runc

                      So you have multiple Excel files? ...as opposed to multiple sheets from a single Excel file?

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                        frank williamson

                        Okay, I've got some progress! I did have multiple Excel files, so I've changed it to a single Excel File with multiple sheets and not surprisingly the problem has been solved!



                        I am now coming across another issue where when I try to create 3 line graphs for the 3 sources of data, it simply joins them all up into one (see below).



                        This happens when I select Line graph option under "Marks" (please see screen shot below).



                        Any ideas please? thanks for your help so far by the way-much appreciated!

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                          Simon Runc

                          So yes we can't union multiples excel files in Tableau (currently). So the options are, as you've done, put the sheets into a single excel file OR save them as .csvs (in the same folder), where we can union multiple csvs OR use Tableau Data Prep.


                          So you are nearly there...just drag the field called "Table Name" or "Sheet Name" onto the Colour tile (if you want each line to have a different colour) or just on the detail tile if you want 3 lines of the same colour.