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    Tableau Online Setup

    Patrick Consoli



      I just purchased Tableau Creator and have installed and activated the desktop version. When I try to sign into Tableau Online, I'm getting a message that says "Unable to Sign In This user account is not active. For help, contact your Tableau Online site administrator." Anyone have help with this?


      Thank you!



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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Patrick,


          I haven't done this with a Creator license so it might be a bit different but here's a couple of things I'd try:


          1. If you are trying to join an existing Tableau Online site, request the Site Administrator to send you an invite.

          2. If this is a new Tableau Online site (i.e. if your creator license is the first one for your organization), go in your browser to online.tableau.com and click 'sign up' -> 'Free Trial' and login with the e-mail registered to your license. This should create a site and you should get an e-mail to activate the site. Then you can login freely.

          3. If you run into any issues during this, create a support ticket here: Support Case | Tableau Software. You may also start here if you'd prefer.


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