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    Multiple values in Filter

    Sami N



      I have a  data field which contains 10021  list of products ( For simplicity example   i will use 'fruits')  and i want to identify some for eg. 130 products  from the list   and mark it as  "Premium"


      I am trying to  create a  Calc field as 'Premium'  with  CONTAINS()

      but it does not work

      CASE [Product] WHEN  'apple' OR 'orange' then 'Premium' else 'other' end

      throws up error - Cant logically 'OR' string and string values


      also tried -

      IF  contains([product],"Apple" then 'Premium'

      Elseif Contains([product],"orange" then 'Premium' else ' other' end


      works but it has to be repeated N number of  times    in case there are 130  products which have to be marked then it becomes tedious.


      copying it and pasting in filter works for showing metrics only to those products but cant  use the Premium column for comparison.




      any ideas how to make this work .