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    Simple division, bad result


      Hi everybody,


      I'd like divide some values in a view (see attached) :

      - For example, the number of single product / single ID, or the MQT amount per single ID on the period...


      In my workbook attached, results seems good but with real datas, sum(number of product)/sum(number of Id) is not the expected result.


      Any idea to avoid this mistake ?


      Many thanks !!



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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Melanie


          Which calculation is the problematic, can you give an example?



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            Jim Dehner



            Not Certain I understand the calculation you are trying to do but see the attached


            it will return this


            the issues you have are 2 fold

            first I converted "Product" to a dimension - I think that it is a product number used to categorize data

            then I created 2 lod expressions



            and then this  which looks at the total montant ht in the current period / the count 2 periods back -

            Not certain if you wanted sum() or Max() or something else


            Window sum is going to give you a different result




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