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    Box plot and outlier filter creation

    Manon Grest


      I am currently facing a problem and I really need your help to solve it.


      The data context: I have order numbers and for each one a lead time associated (named A00 -A10 P (CMD).

      My objective : I would like to identify outliers thanks to the interquartile method. It means, I consider as outliers: lead time > Q3 + 1,5*(Q3 - Q1) like in the tukey box plot.

      I would like to create a calculated parameter to use it as a filter.


      My problem : My filter diplays results different from the TABLEAU box plot (orange : outliers/ blue : remaining values). As you can see below, I should have blue values until the whisker upper limit...

      I am using this calculated parameter and I have a problem of aggregated and non-aggregated values that is why I used the '{}'

      One thing that may create problem is that the lead time (A00 - A10 P (CMD)) is not a value coming from an excel sheet but is calculated (you have the description below).

      I checked many posts related to my problem and tried using percentile function and also window_percentile function but my problem remains.

      Can you help me with this please ? I would be very grateful.