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    How to make measure field name dynamic

    Yuehan Guo



      I have been struggling with this for a long time and I hope someone can give me some insight


      Here's the editing window of a calculated measure I'm trying to create. But instead of just calling it "Baseline 1 FY Staging", I want to use a formula in the name so that the name will change based on the parameter value I select. For example, the value of baseline 1 parameter (Para_Baseline1) is Actual, I want the field name to say "Actual FY Staging". If I change Para_Baseline1's value to be Forecast, then the field name should be called "Forecast FY Staging".


      I've tried to put in a formula in the name but it didn't work. I also tried to put in a formula in the Edit Aliases section under Measure Name, but didn't work either...


      Does anyone know another way to achieve this? Since this report is for executive presentation, it would be really annoying if it doesn't reflect the actual values selected.


      thanks in advance.