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    Kashish Bhola

          Hello Guys!

                               I am having a issue I need this format.





      but I'm getting this both cust id and vertical are coming together.






      Kashish Bhola

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          John Sobczak

          Have you tried putting ALL your dimensions on the Rows shelf with nothing on the Columns shelf?

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            Kashish Bhola

            Yes But all the customer names are coming but I need a one liner format, I think I'll have to make changes at the database level.

            Thank you!

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              Jim Dehner

              good morning

              I would like to see the TWBX workbook and the form of the data

              but from your vis you created a partition on the columns - Think like a 2 level hierarchy

              you asked tableau to first break out by Vertical des  then break out within that grouping by cust ID


              further your "Wanted view" implies that there is a one to one relationship between Cust name and client ID


              but what you got says there are many cust ids per client ID



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