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    Calculated field not updating when Filter Action is applied from dashboard

    Fabrizio Bianchi

      Hi everyone!


      When I select a bar in the histogram I get a filter applied on the Partial Revenue that makes it show the right Partial revenue (calculated field) based on that segment.

      My problem is that the % of Total Revenue in the same sheet is not recalculating. At first I thought it was because it resides on the same sheet and it is therefore affected by the same filter even for the Total Revenue field, but moving it to the Total Revenue sheet or even to its own sheet does not help.


      The only way I could make it work was to base the calculation on a static parameter for the Total Revenue, but that's absolutely not what I want.


      I created a mockup of the problem I am trying to solve that you find attached.


      Of course given my little experience feel free to comment, correct etc. anything wrong in my work.