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    Select multiple fields to pivot the excel cross tab

    Krishna Duraisamy

      Hello all,


      As I am new to Tableau prep and also couldn't find the answer after searching in the forum, I am writing this.


      I am trying to pivot a excel cross tab which has holiday info about the resources from 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018. Below shows a sample of how the data looks like:


      lfd. NrResource01. Jan02. Jan03. Jan04. Jan05. Jan06. Jan07. Jan08. Jan09. Jan10. Jan11. Jan12. Jan13. Jan14. Jan15. Jan16. Jan17. Jan18. Jan

      I want to pivot this table so that I can join this on  resource to another table where I have planned project for the resources.

      I know, I can multiselect all the fields by clicking ctrl+shift+rightarrow in tableau desktop and pivot it and join it with the other table.


      Since,I have data cleaning to do, I would like to know how can I multi select all the dates fields to pivot in Tableau Prep. Because in Prep, for pivoting, I could only do ctrl+mouse click to select one field, but doing this for  365 days?? There should be easier way that I would like to know.


      If anyone could help me with this, would be great !!