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    Formatting in Tableau

    M N

      Hi pals,


      I have a little two-problems here in visualizing my dashboard and hoping someone out there can help me out.


      The first problem: I have a dashboard contains a bar graph from a worksheet as below


      and as you can see the percentage in the black stacked bar cannot be seen clearly, so I want to give it a background color like this:

      then it will be clearer to be seen. I've found some topics on this in this community but cannot find the proper answer (or is it me who is not able to follow?) So, hope you can help me out from this "small" problem.


      And the second problem:

      I want to give different colors for each header, for example "Direct" is red, "ICT" is blue, etc. But as you can see, these 4 headers are united together within a Measure Values, so I'm not able to change the color independently (this is the result I got from some efforts I've made so far), so I'm  wondering if there's another way to achieve this? Thanks before!