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    Comparing distinct count of document in periods

    Benjamin Rubattel

      Hello Everyone,


      I am building a group performance Dashboard which will contain


      -> total Sales Orders Lines

      -> Total Sales Order Header

      -> On Time Delivery

      -> Inventory Availability

      -> Billing Value


      I wish to report the volumes on and value (Sales order Lines/Header and Billing) as per below:


      • Total_PY_Volume (Total number of transaction in previous year)
      • YTD (Start of this year todate)
      • YTD-1 (Start of previous year todate-1 year)
      • % Change
      • Trendline



      I have started to build this for the sales order line volume and I get the result I need but I am struggling to calculate the Total_PY_Volume of Distinct **** of Sales orders.


      I am using the same calculation as I used for the Line Orders but it doesn't accept I put a COUNT(aggregation)


      See work book attached. If anyone as an idea on how i could do would be great.