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    Data Padding using dates

    Eva K

      I need to show a list of months by Clients when they have data missing until the current month, I am limiting data to show only last 2 years, so 2017 and 2018. So e.g. certain client 'A' has data from Jan 2017 through Apr 2018 then I want to show the list with May 2018, Jun 2018, July 2018.

      I referred to this kb article: Replace NULL or missing data with zeros | Tableau Software

      I created a separate dataset with Padding dates and used that as a primary datasource and left outer joined it on the date field. But I am still not getting the expected result.

      From the dataset shown below, I want to call out 2018-05, 2018-06, 2018-07 for A. What am I missing?

      I have attached the workbook.