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    Using LOOKUP() Excluding Nulls in Next Column

    Eleanor Jarvis



      I have a dashboard that is comparing three years of survey data. In the dashboard I have four columns:


      1) Direction of Travel (difference % agree to question from previous survey)

      2) Difference % agree to question from the sector

      3) % Agree to question

      4) Sector % Agree


      The problem that I am having, is that Question 2 was not included in the survey in 2016. Therefore the difference from the previous year in the 2017 column is showing as +98, which is the value for % Agree in that year. This is skewing all of my bars for that chart, and is not really an accurate representation of the data. When I tried to filter out large values for this column, all of the other measures were also filtered.


      Is there a way that I can show this information correctly (i.e. no difference when the question was not asked previously)?


      I've attached a dashboard with dummy data.


      Thanks in advance!