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    Working out an average and adding it to the existing filter for visualisation

    Mark Houareau

      Hi Everyone,


      What I have are visuals that breakdown individual staff to show results. On display is daily totals over a month. Standard stuff I suspect. The staff all fall under the heading of 'Rep' which is a column name in the source excel file. There is a filter for the rep value so staff can toggle on/off staff members from the visual.



      What I'd like to do is collate all their results and display a team average in the filter as well so they can select that to compare.



      e.g. Mark wants to compare his results against the visual display of the average of Mark/Paul/Stef.



      So my first problem is getting an average team value.



      My second problem is getting that average team value to appear in the dropdown filtering option for Reps.



      Any assistance here is greatly appreciated. Sorry I'm relatively new to all of this so any help is awesome.


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