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    Tableau Prep Miss matched fields

    Devender Singh

      I have two TDEs files. Each file has a common unique key Cust_ID. When i create inner join between two files using Cust_ID I am getting a lot of miss matched IDs. How do I clean up my data using tableau prep to remove all those miss matched IDs. One option i saw to right click  the key and click "exclude". But I have 100s of miss matched keys. Doing them one at a time is not so productive and it might crash my prep instance.



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          Joshua Milligan



          You may need to provide a bit more detail (and maybe a screenshot) to help everyone understand the exact issue.  You shouldn't have to exclude anything that didn't match in an inner join because the join itself will exclude them.  The join step display still shows what values didn't match to help you see the results, but the next step should display only matching values.


          But maybe you mean that you want to fix the mis-matched values so they do match.  There might be various approaches based on your data and that's where some detail would help.


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