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    Finding the top 10%,25%,50%,75% users and using that as a dimension

    Ramakant R

      Hi there,


      Tableau noob checking in here.


      I have a certain analysis that I have done on Excel but i would like to replicate on Tableau. There is a dump of unique user data that consists of unique ID, acquired month, event month and minutes watched. I would like to categorise the users based on their minutes consumed (top 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%). In Excel, to this effect I would sort by descending order of minutes watched and create a running total of contribution (cumm minutes %) and segregate them manually based on the above number criteria.


      the end table would be ideally look something like this


      User bracketCount of IDSum of MinutesSum of Views
      1_0% to 10% 5,725 2,422,826 427,540
      2_10% to 25% 11,738 3,634,189 604,623
      3_25% to 50% 22,517 6,057,176 968,541
      4_50% to 75% 28,413 6,057,088 1,022,667
      5_75% to 100% 98,908 6,057,323 1,160,687
      Grand Total 167,301 24,228,601 4,184,058


      the other thing that I would like to see on Tableau is to create a bar graph with acquisition month on x-axis and user bracket as color. something like this:

      After checking the forums, I notice that the running_sum formula can not be used here since the user minutes has to be an aggregated function.

      user minutes = {fixed [ID]: sum ([minutes])


      What would be an elegant method to perform the same analysis as done on excel in Tableau?


      The main reason I would like to shift to Tableau is that this analysis will have to be scaled to multiple datasets that will be very cumbersome on Excel.


      Appreciate your support & feedback.