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    Tableau server role based licensing vs core licensing

    Vikram Rathi

      Can someone tell what is the exact difference between roles both licenses provide and system based restrictions.

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          Ritesh Bisht
          • Hi Vikaram,


          Tableau Server licenses have two aspects: the license model (term or perpetual) and the license metric (user-based or core-based). Term licenses are user-based, and perpetual licenses are usually core-based.


          • A user-based license metric allows you to deploy Tableau Server on a single computer or on multiple computers in a cluster. Each user that accesses Tableau Server must be licensed. Administrators add users and license them.


          ---------->Limited number of licensed users are allowed



          • A core-based license metric imposes no constraints on the number of user accounts in Tableau Server. Instead, the license specifies the maximum number of computer cores on which you can run Tableau Server. You can install Tableau Server on a single computer or across multiple computers as a multi-node cluster, as long as the total number of cores in all the computers does not exceed the total number that the license allows.


          -------->Here you can have unlimited number of Users  , number of Cores are limited instead hence license is against the Core (perpetual licenses)


          Depends upon the requirement , if you want to add lot of users then sometime user based license can be more expensive and Core based licensing becomes more feasible , just an example.


          You need to find the best way to handle


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            Toby Erkson

            Some side discussion here:  Re: Just when I was sorta-kinda understanding the new permissions of 2018.1 I read this...

            The version you're curious about would kind of help since version 2018.1 changed things.

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              Toby Erkson

              We use core-based because we have a potential of 30K+ people [Canada, USA, Mexico] who can access our Tableau Server and an additional 200K+ world-wide.  Purchasing licenses for such a huge number of people is totally unreasonable!  It also allows Guest access, meaning anyone can view a workbook if permissions allow it.  In our situation we use Active Directory (AD) to authenticate so if a person isn't in our AD then by default they are unable to log onto the TS and view anything (very nice security measure, my IT security team likes it).  The downside is that if you need more power (i.e. CPUs) then you have to purchase additional licenses and the sucky part about that is that you typically have to do it in 8-core chunks -- gone are the days of the slightly more affordable 4-core chunks


              If we were a smaller or medium-sized business then role-based may be a better solution.  It allows the freedom to add/remove hardware at will (very nice!) to accommodate the business's needs, something that is not possible with core-based licensing.  You only pay for what you need.