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    Trouble joining three files and extracts for survey data analysis

    Susan Gracia

      I have been trying to prep my survey data for analysis in Tableau and am having trouble.  I am following the instructions at How to prep your survey data using only Tableau 10 and beyond | Tableau Software exactly, as far as I can tell.


      I have 3 Excel files:  1) survey data with data labels; 2) survey data with data values; and 3) metadata "helper" file. The data files have approximately 170 questions.  The helper file has 3 columns: 1) the 170 question IDs; 2) the question wording; and 3) question groupings. (There are 41 distinct groupings.)


      I have connected to each file. I have pivoted the appropriate variables in the first two files and renamed or hidden suggested variables that as directed in the above instructions. I have created then extracts of these 2 files, as well as the helper file.


      When I join the two label and value extracts, there are approximately 119,000 records.  When I join the helper extract to the combined label/value extract, the join runs sucessfully, but the resulting extract has only 14,000 records, 5 groups, and very few questions. I am missing a ton of important data.


      Does anyone know why this is happening and/or have advice for fixing this?? 


      (I've tried using Tableau Prep to see if I might get different/better results, but the program keeps freezing.)