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    Filter for Max Date and Date Range

    Ien Lu



      22/28/2018800.00IN REPAYFALSE
      23/31/2018750.00IN REPAYFALSE
      24/30/2018700.00IN REPAYFALSE
      25/31/2018650.00IN REPAYFALSE
      26/30/2018600.00IN REPAYFALSE
      27/30/2018550.00IN REPAYTRUE


      I was able to filter for the max date per ID using this formula {FIXED [loan_id]:max([asof_date])} = [asof_date].  However, I want to go even further and find a max date within a date range of  '02/01/18 - 06/30/18'.

      How should I rewrite the formula to take the date range into consideration?


      So this means 6/30/2018 would be TRUE instead of 7/30/2018.