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    Motif classification

    Keegan Keplinger

      I have different names of players.  They're playing a game where they score colored goals. Each goal requires a different technique, but all goals are open to everyone to attempt.


      We want to assess what type of players there are, and how many (countd(person)) of each type of player there is.


      First we need to define type though.  And make a dimension for it somehow.  In this case, don would represent one unique type, since no one else shares his combination of goals (call him master of all colors).  Bob, herberts, and julie are all part of another type of player.  They only score red goals.  Notice too, that each player can score multiple goals on a single color, so the number of records includes redundancies.


      Problem: how do I make a dimension for player type?  It would require looking across all records for each player and seeing what combination of distinct colors each player has.