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    Sum field if date greater than other or if null

    Colin Lammers

      I'm unable to share a workbook due to confidentiality reasons. But essentially we the data I'm working with has a row for every purchase made along with client information.


      The fields I am working with are a Sale Date, a Date Client Signed, Sales $, and Potential $.


      I want to create a table with sale date as columns and then show the total sales  and potential for each month. The potential part is the part that's giving me trouble because it's only calculating the potential for clients that have a sale in that given month. What I'd like it to do is sum the potential if the sale date is > than Date client signed regardless if it had a sale that month. That way we can see the trends of potential compared to our sales if that makes sense.


      It seems like this may be impossible due to how the sale date filters out those that don't have a transaction in the month.