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    TSM: must we expose the admin password?

    Glauber Ribeiro

      I'm getting ready to start migrating our Tableau 10.5 installations to 2018.2 (TSM, Windows), and one thing popped up right away, when i did the first test upgrade. We have a script which runs daily, under Windows Scheduler, to make a backup, and do other administrative things. Until now, i didn't need to put any password in this script, because Windows Scheduler runs it as the Tableau Server run-as user.


      Now, with TSM, this has changed, and i need to put the super-secret admin password right there in the script, or other thinly protected place, because TSM always requires a password. This is double-plus ungood.


      Am i missing something obvious? Is there any way that i can avoid exposing the admin password?

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