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    Simple Formula Question

    Adam Payne

      Hi everyone,


      I know that I'm missing something super simple and basic so please bear with me I have Tableau connected to SF to Accounts, Contacts, Account History, Opportunity, Opportunity History, Owned By, and Tasks. One of the field we have on our account records is "Prospecting Status". This field is tracked in the Account History object. What I'm trying to get is the date of any change to the prospecting status. In the screenshot I've attached, you can see the formula that I wrote and does not work. I've also tried switching in 'Prospecting_Status_c' which is the system level field name and I've tried dragging the "Changed Field" field from the Account History dimensions directly into the formula. No matter what I do, I just get Null values for everything.


      I put the account history ID, changed field, and created date field into the rows, so I know that the system is tracking the field, Tableau is accessing the Account History Object, and the CreatedDate row does accurately show when the changed field was changed. The second row in the screenshot shows Prospecting_Status_c updated on 6/12, then again on 6/13, and again on 9/18. These dates are accurate to what is in SF. So what am I doing wrong?


      The end goal is to have the date of the most recent date that the Prospecting Status field was updated for each Account. I know I will need to use LOD expressions later on, but baby steps.


      I know that it's best when a sample workbook is attached, but to save a packaged workbook would be several hundred mb. If there is an easy way to save a small sample of the data I'd be happy to do so.



      Thanks for any help!