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    Converting Survey Questions to New Categories

    Jennifer Anderson

      I am trying to automate a process from taking a series of survey questions and creating new categories. An example is below. Currently, I do this manually in Excel. However, my goal this year is to create an API between our career services platform and Tableau Server. Having a categorizing functionality set up will be an important part of automating this process. The values in the rows are the categories I'd like to create. The column headers are the survey questions in the source data.




      Outcome TypeIs this a full time position?Is this a temporary or contract position?Is this a freelance position?Is this a post-graduate internship?Is this a faculty position?Is this a tenured position?
      Standard Full-time EmploymentJob OR Continuing Current JobYes OR NullNo OR NullNo OR NullNo OR NullNo OR NullNo OR Null
      Temporary/Contract Full-time Job OR Continuing Current JobYes OR NullYesNullNullNullNull
      Faculty - TenureJob OR Continuing Current JobYes OR NullNullNullNullYesYes
      Entrepreneur Full-timeOwn VentureYes OR NullNullNullNullNullNull
      Freelance Full-timeJob OR Continuing Current JobYes OR NullNullYesNullNullNull
      Post-graduate Internship Full-timeJob OR Continuing Current JobYes OR NullNullNullYesNullNull
      Standard Part-time EmploymentJob OR Continuing Current JobNoNullNullNullNullNull
      Temporary/Contract Part-time Job OR Continuing Current JobNoYesNullNullNullNull
      Faculty - Non-tenureJob OR Continuing Current JobNoNullNullNullYesNo
      Entrepreneur Part-timeOwn VentureNoNullNullNullNullNull
      Freelance Part-timeJob OR Continuing Current JobNoNullYesNullNullNull
      Post-graduate Internship Part-timeJob OR Continuing Current JobNoNullNullYesNullNull