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    Count the number of countries which match certain condition with a filter

    Pak Hang  Leung

      Hi all


      There is a question about using calculated field as a filter to compute the outcome.


      In the database, there are fields as follows:


      Country        Visits      Register     Order

      NL                1000          500          50

      DE                2000          800          60

      US                1500          300          15

      GB                2500          600          30

      SE                500            100          10

      FR                1200          300          15

      RU                800            100          15

      CN                2500          500          100            


      And in tableau, I used the calculated field to calculate the conversion rate - visit to register.

      What I want to do is, I want to count the countries which have higher than 0.3 conversion rate, and present in in the bar chart  i.e countries = 2 in the bar chart


      I tried to use the conversion rate as a filter, and use the function count to count the number of countries, but it does not work. 

      Is there any way that I can present the number only? The filter is attached as your reference. Many thanks!


      Pak Hang