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    Issue Joining Data: Census Block Shapefiles, Bus Stop Data Points, ACS Demogrqaphic Data

    Leigh Michael

      Hi all,


      With a lot of support from the Tableau community (see here), I've been able to create a map that:

      1. Breaks King County down by census block
      2. Displays bus stops for two different bus routes
      3. Has a .25-mile walking radius around each point
      4. Displays the median household income of the census block that the bus stop is located in


      #4 is where I run into problems. I need the median household income of every census block to be visible on the map. Our goal is to look at a given stop and be able to see the median income of every census block that the .25-mile radius around that stop covers.


      I assume there's an issue joining the data. When I try to perform a full outer join of the census hh income and the shapefile, I get a "Unable to update relation" error message.


      For a visual of the issue: if I hover over a census block with a stop in it, I can view the hh income:

      But if I hover over a Census Block that does not contain a stop, I cannot see the hh income:




      I've attached the packaged workbook below; please see WIP Sheet on the doc for my map thus far. I'm using Tableau 2018.2.


      Thank you so much!