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    Filtering by X occurrences in non-continuous distinct dates

    Juan Pablo

      In the Sheet 2 worksheet, I'm attempting to only display the students that have attended 2 or more activities in the most recent 4 dates.


      I've tried making a Fixed statement that would count the names to attempt to drop the formula into filter to say anything >= 2 to display but I haven't been able to make this work.


      I'm not sure if it's possible to do parameters that would say Any X amount of participation through X date ranges (not just the most recent 4 dates).


      The hope is to be able to do this filtering so I can build the next step, which would be the amount of time done in each activity overall by those that do 2 or more activities.


      Any help would be appreciated, either from sources I should read/watch, other examples that have done this, etc.  I haven't been able to solve this in the past few days.