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    Scatter Plot with Fixed LOD also in view

    Jordan Brogden



      Is it possible, to have a chart like the below, where I have a dimension on colour to split them out, to also have another 'circle on the chart' - which is a fixed LOD calculation that I want to compare the 4 dots to?


      I hope that makes sense. It's not the average of the 4. It's the average of something a little higher in the order of LOD. I just wonder if it's possible in Tableau.


      I've had a play around at trying to create the comparison 'dot' and then overlay it as a dual axis but no luck!


      Any help would be superb.






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          Jim Dehner


          did you ever get an answer

          interesting question - you didn't provide a book so I had to make up something using superstore data





          It should work - LOD's are a separate layer of data (not an aggregate) so they can be further aggregated while bringing them to a viz




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