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    Mapping Municipalities based on shapefile

    Endrit Pllashniku



      I am trying to build a map of municipalities of Kosovo since Tableau does not properly recognize municipalities in Kosovo as a geographic location by their name only. When I try to plot municipalities in the map Tableau does not recognize their boundaries in the map accurately.


      Following the approach described in this blog post https://medium.com/@sanders617/how-to-create-tableau-polygons-maps-from-a-geo-shape-file-shp-f9c045d37dae  I have created the map of municipalities in Kosovo using the shapefile found here GitHub - justinelliotmeyers/Kosovo_2018_Administrative_Boundaries


      I was able to create the accurate boundaries of each municipality (packaged workbook attached). However, the dataset is getting very huge since in order to define a boundary of a particular municipality the database contains data points (latitude and longitude) taken from the shape file for all the points which are created to define the municipal boundary.


      I was wondering if there is a way to embed the polygons created for each municipality using these data points in Tableau so that Tableau recognizes the municipalities and their boundaries by name without having to plot every time each point in the map to define the boundaries.



      The workbook is attached.



      Thank you!