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    How to connect parameters

    Justine Cloetens


      I have 3 different parameters (Client, Period and product), this works fine but I do not have all the same clients for the different periods.

      Is there a way to only VIEW the clients available for the respective period?  Perhaps a default option?

      For example:

      - if I select '2018', after in the clients parameter I should be able to only select clients X,Y or Z  (and not have the option to select A,B or C since I have no data on them and I can avoid an empty screen)

      - if I select'2017' in the clients parameter I can only select clients A,B,C and so on.


      Thank you.


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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning Justine

          Parameters aren't going to work that way - the are independent from one another - the parameter values are not affected by other parameters


          and remember that the Parameter don't do anything in themselves - they need to be backed up by a filter or used in a calculation to affect the analysis - you could use "Relevant Values" in the filters that back up the parameters and get a list of available values for the filter - but then you would be "de-selecting" what is shown in the viz 


          Dynamic parameters has been a frequently requested idea for development




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