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    Andrei Budaes - Tanaru

      Hi Humans.


      In my organisation we are trying to migrate away from storing data in shared drives to IBM Connections Cloud. This platform allows users to work simultaniously on files, much like a shared drive would except the url to the file is not a UNC so tableau could use it, but a URL format. I've studied the REST API service from IBM and played a bit with Tableau's WDC but had no luck so far. With Postman I was able to log in to IBM Connections but when I try to get the content in JSON or any other format, this didn't work and instead I got "weird" characters (probably due to the way excel files are encoded). The only way around I've found was importing the data in Excel with Power Query (From Web), still using a shared drive to store the new excel file from which Tableau Server can open it. I've then created a VBScript which can open the file, refresh all connections, save and close it and used a Windows Task Scheduler to run the VBS every hour.


      I need this approach as previously I was receiving multiple emails with attachments I had to update the file from the Shared Drive from other staff from my company which have access to IBM Connections as well. I have created multiple files which I've shared with the correct parties, they then own the data by updating it themselves, use Excel and Power Query to append and clean their data and this way I'm out of the picture and can focus on other stuff. So far it works, but if one part of the process fails (like the Task Scheduler or the computer running would crash) then the data would not be updated. I tried to create my own WDC to get the data from the file but got a bit lost. I've asked the IBM Connections support team in my company but unfortunately they do not have answers. I've tried IBM Connections support from IBM but I have to be an administrator to get support from them.


      In basic terms, I need to create a WDC with Basic Auth which can return the excel file from the link and I can select the sheet I wish to import, or another way to import an excel file via URL with Basic Auth and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction