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    Adding map layer census data to tool tip?

    Harrison Preston



      I love Tableau's pre-built map data layers that include metrics such as population, per capita income, age etc. However, I'd like to use the data further in two ways as follows, can anyone assist? Please see the attachment for example.


      1.) I have added the population data layer by zip code to the a map and included another metric in the form of circles from a data set I added. Is there a way I can add population (provided by Tableau built data layers) by zip code to a tooltip?


      2.) Can I use the population data from Tableau's map layer to create a calculation and subsequently add this to the tooltip? I.e. - Sum(Strength)/Sum(population)


      3.) If this is not possible, is the pre-formatted data that Tableau uses for it's map layers available for download anywhere so I can join this data with my own by zip code and build the calculations myself?


      Any support would be appreciated!