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    how to do sum(returned sales)/sum(total sales) in live connect mode?

    Gijs van der Woerd

      Hi All,


      We are trying to make the switch form extracts to a live connection using databricks and setting up a Spark SQL connection. While setting up the connection wasn't that hard I’m now finding out that a lot of the "basic" calculation I used before in dashboards based on extracts are not working in live mode. All aggregation (and I use a lot of those) return errors and the same holds for some of my LOD's. As my data usually contains 3-8 levels ranging from 5 to 400.000 items in a level I really need aggregations to work with my data. So basically my question is how can I for example calculate a return percentage of our sales in live mode? Normally done with:  sum(returned sales)/sum(total sales).


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