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    Filter on Multiple data source  and Dashboards

    Sami N



      My question is  in two parts but linked

      I have a   Single dashboards for Visits and Sales  graphs

      the visits data is  coming from  database (DB1) ( in reality from 3 separate data sources  split by Company) and the sales is coming from DB2 ( in reality from 3 separate data sources  split by company)

      there is a separate  sheet of Staff and location  with fields Company  , Staff , office


      there are three products  ABC , PQR  and XYZ   so the common field is the 'Company ' between DB1 and DB2


      I have created  two data sources one for visits and one for sales in tableau and all graphs for visits come from DB1 and sales from DB2




      I created viz on visits and Sales  and filters are Company location and Staff

      on both the Viz

      so if anyone selects 1 company all locations and staff are filtered  on visits  data source  and vice versa on sales data source but independently on its own dashboard

      but i cant make this  filter common to both the data sources  as the apply to filter appears grey and no relationship


      tried linking all fields between two data sources but still does not work


      is there a way i can make the Staff common  filter between the two data sources

      or  link this filter across the data sources .