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    How to tableau

    Manish singh



      PFB the screen shot


      Now I want to subtract column 9 - grand tot column how should I do it


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          Paulo Dantas

          Hi Manish,


          could you please provide a .twbx and give more explanation about what you are trying to do.



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            Andrew Watson

            Without providing any data a guess is required to solve this. Your Grand Total is the maximum period per page. You could do that using a FIXED calc (and perhaps other ways but I don't know the construct of your data) such as {FIXED [Page],[Period]:MAX([Value])}. Take the MAX of that value, it should be the same as your Grand Total.


            Next you want to take the value of Period 9. IF [Period] = 9 THEN [Value] END


            Then you would use these new field, correctly aggregated, which depends on your data to something similar to:


            MAX(IF [Period] = 9 THEN [Value] END) - MAX({FIXED [Page],[Period]:MAX([Value])})


            To reiterate, multiple assumptions have been made about the construct of your data so the above may not work.