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    Scheduled update and automatically detecting and adding sheets

    Rico de Feijter



      Yesterday I tried out Tableau prep for the first time and it looks and feels good. I have two questions however. The following screen shows my workflow:


      The icons in the red border are the sheets from different excel sheets that come from different Excel files. Eventuelly these are combined with the output of an SQL query resulting in a unioned output. However, when a new sheet is added to one of the excels I now need to refresh Tableau prep for Tableau prep to recognize the new sheet and add the sheet to the pane manually. After doing so, I must connect the sheet to the union and run the flow to get the new data (and refreshed data) in the output.


      I know that in Tableau desktop itself it is possible to only add a sheet once as a union to the datasource:




      When a new sheet is then added, you do not have to drag the sheet to the union anymore, because Tableau desktop directly recognizes the new sheet automatically as part of the datasource. Can Tableau Prep  be set up with similar behavior?


      Then one another question. How can a scheduled update be set up in Tableau prep? Because now the update (in order to refresh data) must be done manually.


      Thanks in advance for the support.