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    Fixed Calcu

    Tony Phan



      I'm trying to do a fix table calc. I want to show the "JP" set of numbers on the rest of the rows. Where it shows 11,515,097 to show 362,387 and 6,534,143 to show 193,824.


      The formula below is working but not the way I want it to work. Please help!

      {FIXED   [FiscalQuarter], [PRODUCT_CATEGORY], [JP]: (Sum([Adjusted List Price]))}



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          Naveen B

          Hi Tony ,


          Write a calculation like below

          {{FIXED   [FiscalQuarter], [PRODUCT_CATEGORY], MAX(if [JP]="True" then JP else null end): (Sum([Adjusted List Price]))}


          this will give the O/P like you want


          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct/helpful so that it will help others




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            Tony Phan

            Sorry I get an error for this. "You can not use an aggerated expression as a dimension because it is a measure"


            max(if [JP]="True" then [JP] Else null end)


            I even did "max(if [JP]="True" then JP Else null end) " and it didn't work.

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              Tony and Naveen,


              Sorry for jumping in.


              One other method would be to try the conditional on the other side:

              {FIXED  [FiscalQuarter], [PRODUCT_CATEGORY] : Sum(IF [Update Theater]="JP" THEN [Adjusted List Price] END)}

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